Beware of Negative People!

I see a lot of writing about negative people. Many people have suffered at the hands of other people’s selfishness and cruelty. People suffer everyday with those who wish to consume their light and take away any happiness.

I am writing this for all those who have suffered at the hands of a truly negative person. You are not alone. For those of you who have been fortunate enough to never experience this then read and be aware that these people do exist. I never believed people could be ‘evil’ but I have stared evil in the face and I have seen empty hearts and intense eyes tell me some people have only hatred and anger inside them. No conscience. No one ever tells you that or admits there is evil in this world.

I do not label everyone a negative person. If someone repeatedly hurts you for selfish gain, to amuse themselves, to abuse or degrade you for their own ego and power on any level, that is a negative person. No, you can’t help. change, or save them. We need to learn to discern between real help and understanding and false attention and manipulation.

Signs of a negative person:

  • These people will use you; whether for money, rides, a place to stay, etc.
  • These people will never give nothing in return; unless necessary
  • These people will manipulate and control you
  • These people will try to isolate you from others; they seek your undivided attention
  • These people will say degrading things to lower your self esteem
  • These people will not protect you
  • These people will be ruthless to you and nice to strangers; making you feel horrible and slightly insane for irrational behavior
  • These people will lie to you
  • These people will hit, push, grab, or be forceful with you; or express the feeling to harm you
  • These people will turn on you
  • These people will ditch you
  • These people will only call when they need something
  • These people will never see you without some selfish motive
  • These people will steal from you
  • These people will disappear if you need to talk or a friend
  • These people will never let you get two words in about your feelings or opinions but you must listen to them
  • These people will not share
  • These people will talk behind your back and try to ruin your reputation
  • These people will never say ‘thank you’ or ‘I’m sorry’
  • These people will blame you for everything; their never wrong
  • These people will ruin you financially

If confronted these people will go into attack mode; it is better to have no contact. Don’t fight, you will not win because you are not dealing with a rational person. If this person is abusive leave in a safe manner and get help. If this person threatens you calmly tell them you will call the police and get away from them.

The only way to heal and feel better is to get away. Once you have identified the negative people in your life you can start making changes to help and heal yourself. You do not want to become like them or be their victim. You do not want to be a prisoner to fear, depression, and abuse. Learn the signs, discern, and get away.

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